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Q: how did you know you wanted to pursue your art career?

A: I didn't, I just have a need to create and some people seem to like the stuff that comes out of my mind and for that I am grateful.

Q: who inspires you now in the current?

A:Everyone, everything is an inspiration it's just a matter of how you look at the world,I can pass a person place or thing  on a regular basis and think nothing of it then one day something happens and BAM! I'm inspired and ideas start flowing.

Q: Is there a single or album that you think everyone should be listening to?  Why?

Sunshine by Mos Def is a grate song to start the day, currently I'm on a twenty one pilots kick, love the range and depth of the lyrics.

Q: Do you have any hero’s? If so Who?

A: I don't really have heroes, I do have major Respect for the people in my life that fail but never give up, they keep going no matter what even when it gets hard they keep going. 

Q: What would you tell your little self if you could tell them anything about life now?

A: Nothing really, I'd let him do his thing if I'd tell him anything then this version of me would not be the same, and today...just for today I'm ok with being me.

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Artist Feature

Robyn Seale



Robyn Seale is a Chicago-local mixed multi-disciplined artist with a penchant for street art, paintings, and sharpies. Her style merges both high and low art and explores themes of spirituality and humanity with a touch of irreverence.


Come check out Robyn’s art at [blnk] Haus 01/19 for our 3rd Friday Group Show [blnk] slate Relaimed Art. 


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Artist Feature Part II



Karen is one of our amazing artist residents.  She has such creative work mixed with paint and collage.  Plus to top that off is a photographer.  Come check out some of Karen’s work as we cap off our Fill in the [blnk] Holiday  Bizare Friday December 15th from 7-10pm at Zhou bush art center. We are located in the bottom floor and have some cool bad ass peeps around so come hang and meet Karen chat her up about her work and buy some cool work!!!


Guided Meditation + Henna w/live Sound Healing



Join certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer Rachel Lechocki, Master Henna Designer Teala Marie, and Sound Specialist Neale Baldyga for an afternoon of high vibrations and co-creation.


Each participant will be surrounded by artwork, crystals, while having blankets and pillows to enrich their experience. The space will be created with great intention to allow people to re-connect with themselves and explore mind/body/spirit.


We will gather in a circle for a guided meditation that will be accompanied by the soothing sounds of singing bowls (crystal and brass), shakers, didgeridoo, and any other relevant instruments. The soundscape will be one to enhance the meditation and take us from our minds and into our hearts. One may experience the physical vibrations of the instruments while others may experience the subtle energetic shifts they bring about. Each person gets what they need!


The meditation will incorporate breathwork, vocal expression exercises, and essential oils. You don’t need to have any experience with yoga, meditation, or reiki to attend. This is the perfect place to try something new!


After the session, there will be kombucha for sale and vegan snacks offered while Teala does individual henna designs on anyone interested. There will be a facilitated art corner for anyone that wants to process their experience that way.


While we hang and mingle, Sound Shepherd will bring the multi-dimensional bass grooves through a live dj set.


Sounds & Music Created by Sound Shepherd


Urban Escape Healing

Cost - $20 in advance / $25 at the door

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