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Q: how did you know you wanted to pursue your art career?

A: I didn't, I just have a need to create and some people seem to like the stuff that comes out of my mind and for that I am grateful.

Q: who inspires you now in the current?

A:Everyone, everything is an inspiration it's just a matter of how you look at the world,I can pass a person place or thing  on a regular basis and think nothing of it then one day something happens and BAM! I'm inspired and ideas start flowing.

Q: Is there a single or album that you think everyone should be listening to?  Why?

Sunshine by Mos Def is a grate song to start the day, currently I'm on a twenty one pilots kick, love the range and depth of the lyrics.

Q: Do you have any hero’s? If so Who?

A: I don't really have heroes, I do have major Respect for the people in my life that fail but never give up, they keep going no matter what even when it gets hard they keep going. 

Q: What would you tell your little self if you could tell them anything about life now?

A: Nothing really, I'd let him do his thing if I'd tell him anything then this version of me would not be the same, and today...just for today I'm ok with being me.

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