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Molly morphis

What inspired this body of work? Have you been doing this particular style for a while?

I’ve been creating up-cycled jewelry for about two years now. My jewelry is a combination of my grandmother and myself. My grandma has always been a huge inspiration in my life, she overcame many hardships, but always managed to have an upbeat spirit. She was also an artist, who would create jewelry and clothing to send to her homeland, Hungary. When she passed I was left with all her creative matter. Along with using what she left to me, I also use trim from my hand-dyed textiles. This adds a diverse style to my jewelry.

What wisdom or words would you give your little self if you could go back in time?

When times are rough, don’t let it drowned you. Things always get better, so push through it by creating. Something I’ve learned in the last year, and plan to live by.

Any music albums that you just can’t get away from right now that you don’t/do want your followers to know about.”?

I’ve always had a really passion for music. When I was a teenager and really struggling through life, I could always count on music. Lately I’ve been working on expanding my knowledge of classic rock artists I love. Instead of just listening to certain songs, I’m diving into full albums. Pink Floyd The Wall has been a real go to. Also, Atmosphere When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold. Always another go to. I enjoy lyrical music that speaks to my soul.

If someone gave you 1 week to live what would you do?

First, be honest. I often am not open about my feelings with those around me. I’d like to burn my emotional barrier, and verbally express what I don’t know how to. Having a week to live I wouldn’t over think the outcome about opening up to family, friends, and individuals I have/have had crushes on but feared rejection. And on a cliche side, travel. See parts of nature I’ve never seen.

Who is your female crush or hero?

Janis Joplin, hands down! In a time where the majority of rockstars were men, she let her passion shine. I feel she helped women believe in themselves. I find it really inspirational because at times it can be hard to believe in ones self. During her time here, I think she showed how powerful woman are. & her voices gives me chills!

Join us for this awesome women’s show this Friday 3/16

Join us for this awesome women’s show this Friday 3/16