Artist feature



Q: how did you know you wanted to pursue your art career?

A: I knew I wanted to pursue an art career while I was in high school. I really thought I would leave my childhood passion behind and find something new that can possibly be a career choice for me. But after looking at all the career paths I can take  nothing has caught my interest as much as being an illustrator does.

Q: who inspires you now in the current?

A: My current inspiration is all the lovely ladies who do boudoir, burlesque, and ect. Their outfits, style, and personalities really inspire my creativity.  

Q: Is there a single or album that you think everyone should be listening to?  Why?

A: Drab Majesty completely careless. This album/artist is really relaxing to me. I love the lyrics and music genre.

Q: What would you tell your little self if you could tell them anything about life now?

A: I would tell my little self to do what you love doing. Don’t let anyone put you down and always keep your head up high.



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