Samuel Beckman

A little Q&A goes a long way to get to know people.


Q: What inspired this body of work? Have you been doing this particular style for a while?

I love painting my from my experience. As someone said last night, they are like little windows into my travels. It was really insightful. I also think someone with the guts to get out in public and play their music should be admired. It’s gotta be tough but they always seem to be enjoying themselves. Since there seems to be Busking in every city, the two just kind of align.


Q: What wisdom or words would you give your little self if you could go back in time?

I probably would tell myself to make sure I kept painting, don’t let life’s daily chaos distract you.


Q: Any music albums that you just can’t get away from right now that you don’t/do want your followers to know about.”?

Hahahah - all of them! I actually rely on Apple

Music to dictate my music while I work and then my kids have been addicted to the Hamilton soundtrack for the last 2.5 years. I actually love it also and we just saw the musical  last week.

Q: If someone gave you 1 week to live what would you do? 

Make sure my kids knew how important they are to me, golf, and do as many 1 hour paint studies as possible.

Q: Who is your female crush or hero?

My wife (both crush and hero)! She works so hard and is a great role model for my kids...but if you have to have a pure celebrity crush I think I would go with Jessica Alba. I am impressed with how she built a company beyond her acting (funny thing is I am not sure I could name a movie or tv show she was in). I like successful people who work hard:)


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