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Sarah Opat is a self taught artist who emphasizes psychedelic colors and patterns into each creation. Opat explores art through her blog talking stones.weebly.com where she posts her recent publications, radio interviews, and artist reviews. Opat produces and hosts radio segment “On the Radar” at Lakeshore Public Radio 89.1FM. She interviews artists, bands, DJ’s, a Colombian shaman, and so far one psychologist about meditation. Opat asks where the passion began within the art and what the future holds for each artist or band (shows, or gallery exhibits coming up). 

As an artist, Opat challenges the viewer to walk through a new portal of mediums. She uses acrylic paint, mixed media collage (Jimi Hendrix), sound waves, oil pastel, and sculpting with red clay. Opat soul is meant to create. As a little girl with a poof of blonde hair she was playing with play doe and drawing with her older sisters. Growing up in a house of three older sisters, Opat learned the most from Lea and Hannah. Lea used abstract shapes and wild psychedelic colors while Hannah focused on realism and values, shadows, real highlights. Combined, Sarah learns the most from others around her in the world of art. 



BLNK Q: What inspires you to create and be you Sarah?

SARAH A:The most inspiring thing on the planet is the boundless and infinite imagination. The genuine power of the imagination inside the brain inspires me to never stop creating. The people who inspire me the most are Alex Grey, Lea Opat my oldest sister, and Natalie Sheets my high school art soul mate who know lives in California doing theatre makeup. I love meeting artists. Creating is a magnificent way to work within the time we have on this planet. Creating allows for a flow of life to pass through time. I make what I do based on working through emotions and time. 

BLNK Q: is there a song out there that completely blows your mind at the moment?

SARAH A:Number one song that takes me to my happy place is “Where is my mind” by the Pixies. This song was the tits growing up. I loved how rock ‘n roll the guitar was. Then when the lyrics hit I felt at home. I felt the bliss of wonder and the raw drum beat. This song was introduced to me when I was 13 by my older sister Lea who would pick me up from basketball practice in the morning. The time she played this song I fell in love with the moment. 

BLNK Q: How did you hear of BLNK?

SARAH A: I found out about Blnk through Rachel’s instagram page. I actually saw my friends ex girlfriend, now girl friend at the time buy a bag from Rachel. She posted a picture on instagram and I was like “hey I know that girl”. So seeing a mutual friend buy art from Rachel inspired me to take a look inside BLNK. Rachel is a great artist who really stands out to me in the organic world of creation. 

BLNK Q: Where is your next trip to?

SARAH A: My next trip is to the mountains. I will be flying to Denver, Colorado to relax the traveling to Boulder to visit some friends in the mountains. I plan on sitting in hot springs on new years. Maybe going to a drag show and open mics. I honestly want to see the knitty gritty weirdness in Colorado. I want to feel the art come out of their ears. I also will be looking forward to breathing in fresh air for once. Excited to hike and hopefully not die. I certainly will be hiking and drinking water.