[blnk] is an all-inclusive brave space to make, exhibit, meet and meditate with like minded souls. [blnk] discovers, explores, showcases, and promotes multidisciplinary artists, while actively defining the term; urban contemporary art. We are laying down strong roots in the communities we serve to make opportunities accessible for all, whether that be be running sliding scale yoga classes or negotiable rental rates. We believe in the endless power of art and dedicated tribes of people to produce progressive and positive change and are eager to continue the conversation of, “what is _______ art?” 


Our goal is to create opportunities, fostering a vibrant community-engaged network of artists, healers and supporters. As we build and develop our own standards within the world of, Urban Contemporary Art, we offer a wide variety of classes, workshops, therapies and more that fit the needs of our community. [blnk] strives to represent the uninhibited and the unlabeled. We yearn to connect and make a difference helping individuals to unleash their potential in whatever that may be!!

[blnk] crew


andrew rehs

rachel lechocki